The Space Industry is Projected to Become a USD $2.7 Trillion Business* by 2040.

The Launch is its Gateway.

In the short run, new satellite technologies will continue to grow and collect and transmit data, generating billions of dollars annually and enabling innovation in sectors such as IoT communications, agriculture, defense and logistics.

In the longer-term, human presence in space will require a range of innovation and enterprise unprecedented in human history – Equatorial Space Industries wants to be on the forefront of this NewSpace Race.

We are currently seeking both Angel and institutional investors to make our vision for Southeast Asia’s own space access a reality.

The 15-30,000 forecasted small sats will require a ride to the right orbit – the global launch sector is expected to reach USD $37b valuation by 2027**



Volans will be the only non-solid motor-propelled launch vehicle capable of dedicated nanosatellite and microsatellite launches, covering all pro-grade orbital inclinations from the beginning, and designed to operate in our highly cost-effective proposed launch site, resulting in precision orbital deployment, high degree of safety and low prices for our clients.

In the challenging small launch industry, we have an edge.