The space industry is projected to reach an annual worth of USD 1-2t by 2040.

Launching is the gateway.

Volans will be the only non-solid motor-propelled launch vehicle capable of dedicated nanosatellite and microsatellite launches, covering all orbital inclinations from the beginning, and designed to operate in our highly cost-effective proposed launch site, resulting in precision orbital deployment, high degree of safety and low prices for our clients.

In the challenging small launch industry, we have an edge.

Over 1,600* nano-and-microsats are under development, which could generate USD $880m in launch contracts. 10-27 thousand more are coming. They will need a dedicated launch for customised orbital deployment.

From over 50 small launchers under development, we know our edge.

Purpose and form factors of nano-and-microsatellites under development

Upcoming small launcher payload capacities and origins.