Volans Block I – the Flexible way to Space.

Named after southern sky’s constellation representing a flying fish, Volans is a two-stage, hybrid-propelled launch vehicle capable of delivering 20-70kg of payload to a wide range of orbits.

The prospective launch locations in Southeast Asia all cater to both equatorial and polar inclinations, allowing a flexibility in terms of your target orbit.

Being designed to support all major nano-and-microsat deployer platforms, Volans will become your go-to vehicle for rapid deployment of vast constellations into Low Earth Orbit.

Equatorial Space Industries aims for a first orbital flight by the end of 2021.


Propulsion: Hybrid (Paraffin/LOX)
Length: 12.5m
Diameter: 1m
Stages: 3
Launch Mass: 5.5 ton

Payload to 600km LEO: 65kg

Payload to 600km SSO: 25kg
List Price: $1,000,000 per Launch


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