We are honored to have been featured on a global space intelligence publication, SpaceWatch.Global on 26th of March, on how ESI plans to change global economics of nanosat constellation deployment.

From March 12-15, SpaceWatch Global attended the Satellite 2018 event held in Washington, D.C. One of the features of the event that also ran last year, was ‘Startup Space’, a competition that sees 20 NewSpace new entrants, given 5 minutes to pitch their business to a panel of highly accomplished space professionals, investors, thought leaders, and fellow entrepreneurs. During the day-long event, we came across Equatorial Space Industries, which is developing the Volans launcher, capable of delivering 35-70Kg of payload for under $1m. This team of 15, based in Singapore, are looking to change the economics of getting small satellites to space and to providing much-needed dedicated launches to a small satellite market in need. SpaceWatch.Global Editor-in-Chief Helen Jameson, caught up with Equatorial Space Industries’ CEO, Simon Gwozdz, to find out more.

The full feature can be found at the the link below:

#SpaceWatchGL Interviews: Simon Gwozdz of Equatorial Space Industries

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