We are honored to have been mentioned in Tech in Asia article from Tuesday, 13th February 2018.

ESI’s CEO, Simon Gwozdz gave a brief interview to the publication shortly after his participation in the Emerging Launch Solutions panel during The Global Space and Technology Convention 2018, held in early February in Singapore.

More spacetech firms, both foreign and domestic

, are using the developing ecosystem as an opportunity to call the island nation “home.” Equatorial is another startup building rockets, aiming for an even smaller niche than Gilmour. The company is trying to build rockets that carry payloads of up to 40 kg – nanosatellites that need to be deployed in large clusters through multiple launches. “Think of us as the Learjet of launchers,” says Equatorial founder and CEO Simon Gwozdz.

We extend our warm thanks to Singapore Space and Technology Association for the invitation to GSTC 2018, as well as Tech in Asia for mentioning our startup. Full article available HERE.


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